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Welcome - Ridgebury Township & Community Web-Site:    Ridgebury is located in
Bradford County Pennsylvania, along the state's northern border.   In 1818 it was organized from  
Athens and Wells townships, and named after Samuel Bennett's farm "Ridgeberry".  Isaac Fuller
and Joel Campbell were the first permanent settlers in 1805, originally from Orange County, NY. In  
1806 the first framed house was built and belonged to Vine Baldwin.  1887 census records listed  
Ridgebury Townships total population at 1,489, and in 2010 the township's population stands at
1,998.  Ridgebury Township is a Second Class township with three elected supervisors, and falls
under the Athens Area School District System.
  Bentley Creek pictured here, runs the entire length of the town Bentley Creek
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                                    2013 Expenditures

Here is a break-down for the 2013 Expenditures - Please review so no one is confused about what  
Ridgebury Township spent. Two .pdf links contain expenses paid during 2013 out of General type funds.
The other two .pdf links expenses paid during 2013 out of the State fund. I did NOT provide the
expenditures from the Sewer fund. The coalition has been posting township finances with out providing the
explanations of how the money was spent. Now people can see for themselves just how these funds were
spent. This should help with any confusion from in-complete information posted on the coalition page.

2013 General type Funds Details                                 2013 State funds details
2013 Gen Expenditures Report $1,093,286.61            2013 State Expenditures Report $182,510.86
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